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At Radiology Associates, you’re stepping into a world where excellence and compassion in healthcare aren’t just ideals—they’re the foundation of everything we do. Our mission is to deliver patient care and build a deep commitment to the communities we serve. By choosing Radiology Associates, you’re not just finding a job; you’re finding a path to personal and professional fulfillment.

Radiology Associates is at the forefront of radiological advancements, offering unparalleled opportunities for professional growth.Our dedication extends to facilitating your advancement through a variety of educational avenues designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in radiology. This commitment to Continuing Medical Education (CME) ensures that you’re always at the forefront of your field, equipped with the insights and expertise to excel in your career

From advanced MRI machine to high quality ultrasound machines, our facilities are equipped with the tools to not only enhance patient care but also enrich your professional experience.

The spirit of teamwork permeates every aspect of our work environment. At Radiology Associates, you’ll join a supportive network of professionals dedicated to making a difference. Our culture fosters open communication and collaboration, empowering you to share knowledge and tackle diagnostic challenges.

Our unique patient-first philosophy truly distinguishes us in the field of radiological testing. While our expertise lies in thorough diagnostics, our role extends beyond identifying health challenges. We are deeply committed to providing empathetic support to our patients during what can sometimes be a difficult journey.

We believe in the importance of balance. With compressed work weeks, competitive benefits, and a supportive workplace culture, Radiology Associates ensures that you can enjoy a fulfilling career without sacrificing your personal life. It’s about having the time and the freedom to pursue your passions, both inside and outside of work.

Our work goes beyond the clinic. By joining us, you become part of a team committed to improving public health and well-being. From community outreach programs to educational initiatives, we strive to make a lasting impact, promoting healthier lives across the communities we serve.

Why Lethbridge, Alberta?

Lethbridge uniquely melds the vibrancy of urban life with the charm of small-town living, creating a community rich in lifestyle benefits, cultural diversity, and stunning natural landscapes. Choosing Lethbridge as your home means embracing a life where these worlds harmoniously coexist, offering experiences and memories you’ll value deeply.

Lethbridge’s cost of living is attractively low compared to major urban centers. With an average home price significantly lower than in big cities, Lethbridge offers a range of comfortable living options that won’t stretch your budget. Additionally, Alberta’s favorable tax benefits, like no PST and the lowest provincial income taxes in Canada, plus affordable gasoline prices and mild traffic make your daily life and explorations around Lethbridge more enjoyable.

 The city’s geography offers unique opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. From the coulees and vast parklands within the city, like Indian Battle Park, to the nearby Rockies and Waterton Lakes National Park. Lethbridge is a gateway to endless outdoor adventures with it’s hiking, biking, or skiing, the natural landscape provides a playground for all ages.

Lethbridge surprises with its diverse culinary offerings. Local favorites like Miro Bistro and Italian Table showcase some of the city’s variety. The city’s food scene is complemented by a selection of cafes, farmers markets, and international eateries, making it a haven for foodies.

Lethbridge is not just about serene landscapes and culinary delights; it’s also a hotspot for sports enthusiasts. With facilities like the ENMAX Centre, home to the Lethbridge Hurricanes Hockey Club, and the Spitz Stadium for baseball fans, the city hosts a variety of sporting events year-round. Whether you’re into watching live professional sports or participating in community leagues, Lethbridge caters to all your athletic pursuits.

The city is known for its welcoming community and a wealth of activities suitable for families. Educational programs at the Galt Museum, interactive exhibits at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre, and numerous parks and recreational facilities ensure that family life in Lethbridge is rich and engaging.

Lethbridge’s cultural landscape is vibrant, with venues like the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Casa offering a platform for artists and performers. The city’s history is palpable at sites like Fort Whoop-Up, which provides insight into the region’s pioneering past.

With institutions like the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College, the city is a hub for higher education and research, offering robust programs across diverse fields of study.

While offering a peaceful, small-town feel, Lethbridge enjoys the advantage of being just a short 2 hour drive from Calgary. This proximity allows residents to easily enjoy big city amenities, like major concerts, sporting events, shopping experiences and an international airport without living in the hustle and bustle full-time.

he proximity to Glacier Park International Airport in Kalespel Montana, and the Great Falls Airport adds a level of US travel convenience, offering direct routes to new adventures. Road trips from Lethbridge into the US are equally appealing, with stunning landscapes and quick access to attractions like Glacier National Park. This location advantage simplifies weekend escapes and explorations, making Lethbridge a strategic base for North American travel enthusiasts.

Lethbridge offers a lifestyle that balances work, family, and play in a community that values health, education, and cultural engagement. It’s a place where you can grow your career at Radiology Associates and also cultivate a rich, fulfilling personal life amidst the beauty and warmth of Southern Alberta.

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